Rainn Wilson And Elijah Wood’s

Children happen to be quite frightening. Matters are said by them without censor, they are hands are constantly covered in something gross, and they’ve really lousy dialogue skills. It is not about you, okay? How about asking me how my day went instead of me asking you all your favourite things to take action. Gosh.

Cooties only made children much more frightening. The Rainn Wilson and Elijah Wood comedy sends chicken nugget eating/flesh eating undead kids on the loose. It is as much as the teachers to take the pupils out. Something that many teachers likely need to do if their pupils are not zombies.

The film is co-composed by Glee writer, Ian Brennan, and Saw show writer Leigh Whannell, so you understand the funny-chilling quota is outstanding. It reaches theatres but check out the preview below.

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