Lindsay Lohan Lies About Rolling Whitney Houston In Body Bag

The kid performer turned rehabilitation frequenter was ordered to do community service at a morgue in L.A. County. The judge delegated this responsibility for Lindsay Lohan to understand drinking and driving, an offense she was convicted of.

She whined that she have been singled out and that being delegated that job was improper and f***ed upward.

Lindsay Lohan

She continued, Like, no one would actually need to work at the morgue in L.A. and roll a body bag for Whitney Houston. That remark went folks and viral were outraged that Whitney Houstons body was managed by her.

The Coroners office remarked that no one in the probation plan had come into contact. The official said that she was taken from the resort where she was discovered dead, in plastic and that Whitney was wrapped in plastic. There was no body bag.

Lohan continues to be for her manners that are annoying, and run ins with authorities. Now, due to her offhand remark, the world understands that she works at a Morgue. We wish her better chance later on.