Justin Beiber is in legal trouble again


This time its for attempted robbery.

Mini-golf ball pits, courses, batting cages, waterslide parks, family fun facilities: All are holy reasons. Theyre where you go when you simply need to forget your worries and love life and possibly roll up a wooden ball to win tickets and prizes. You know? We go to these fantastic pleasure-emporiums to spend quality time with our stepchildren and they have been the last areas youd need Justin Bieber to bring his unique brand of miniature-hunk assholery. Yet according to TMZ thats just what he did at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park mini golf complex. Seemingly Bieber and his entourage got into an altercation with some men at the batting cage and he discovered a nearby girl was reaching for her cell phone. Then he berated her and demanded she delete any pictures lose shot, but he snatched her cellphone from her bag and tried to go through it when she protested that she hadnt. Afterward the girl started wrestling over her cellphone, at which point she showed him that no pictures had been taken by her. Then things took a turn for the ugly:

She told Justin she and her 13-year old daughter only wanted to say hi, and Justin yelled, Youre humiliating yourself before your daughter. You only move out of here do nt. Her daughter began crying.

She says at that stage Justin began yelling at another person and turned.

After all that shrill screaming, the girl obviously contacted the LAPD and theyre now determining whether or not Bieber can be charged with a crime for catching her phone from her bag a.k.a. attempted robbery. Anyway another time Justin Bieber went horseback riding topless. So reasons an object about Justin Bieber.