Good Morning America Weather Girl Stands Up to Cyber-Bully


Leader meteorologist for Good Morning America Ginger Zee discloses her cyber-bully and how she stood up to her. On Wednesdays morning news program, Zee selected to share a screen shot of a message of a not-so-adoring devotees post to Zees Facebook page, criticizing the weather anchormen trend style.


Carol Ann, the net troll, took to lash out with some adverse words at Zees fashion sense. The bully told Zee, critically you actually want a trend supervisor, and offered guidance to Zee saying, take some breaths she dresses with CLASS. The rant continued saying, that she should get a clothes allowance and she seemed silly.

Zees result prompted supporters of the meteorologist and the show to post an inflow of messages that were positive. Zee reacted Thanks for sharing your view so much. No clothes allowance. Zee carried on to post a message viewing the negativity saying to her Facebook supporters, I concur haters gonna hate but this can be a great way to inspire us to say something kind to someone you never understand what they may be going through.

Zee received several uplifting messages, one enthusiast saying, you happen to be an excellent roll version of a girl that is powerful.

Thanks for sharing Ginger Zee!