A Man Chose 3 Pieces Of Advice And 3 Loaves Of Bread Instead Of His 20-Year Salary.

A young, newlywed couple lived in a modest farm. Since the guy had nothing to offer his wife and was poor, he thought about finding and leaving an occupation that was better.

So he said, Honey and talked to her, I go and will leave far. Ill get employment and work hard so I will give you the comfortable life after I come back which you deserve. I have no idea Ill be gone, but just ask one thing: please wait for me. Be loyal to me for I ‘ll not be unfaithful for you.

So the young man left.

He walked for many days until he located a farmer who was in need of help. The young man offered his services and was promptly taken. Yet, before he started his work, he put several states.

I would like to work for you as long as I need, but once I believe its time to go home please release me of my responsibilities. I don’t need to get my wages. I request one to save me it until I leave. The day I decide to go, please give the cash to me and I’ll be on my way.
The young man worked for twenty years without vacations and without rest.

Indonesian rice farmer working in early morning with brilliant sunbeams behind him.

Ken Koskela

Ultimately, after twenty years, he went to his supervisor. Manager, I want my cash its time for me to come home.

The manager answered, All right. In the end, I made a deal and Ill keep my word. Nevertheless, before you go I need to offer you something new: I am going to give you 3 pieces of guidance after which send you away, or I am going to give you all your cash and send you away. I am going to not give you the 3 bits of guidance, if I give you the cash. However, if I give the 3 bits of guidance to you, I am going to not give the cash to you. Now, go to your own room and think about your reply.

He thought about it. Until the guy made his mind up and visited the manager and said, I need the 3 pieces of guidance.
The manager stressed again, If I give you the 3 bits of guidance, I am going to not give you the cash.
But the guy insisted, I need the 3 pieces of guidance!

The chief then told him his three pieces of advice:

  1. Never take shortcuts that you experienced, briefer and unknown paths can cost your life;
  2. Never be overly interested, for interest towards evil can be fatal; and
  3. Never make choices in moments of pain or rage, because when you repent, it could not be too early.

The manager gave him 3 enormous loaves of bread for his journey after giving these 3 pieces of guidance.

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Here you’ve 3 loaves of bread. Two are for one to eat during the journey and the last is when you get home for one to eat with your wife.

So ultimately, after twenty years of working difficult. The guy went on his way to return to his wife whom he adored so much.

On the first day of his journey, he located a guy who greeted him and inquired, Where are you currently going?

He answered, if I continue walking on this particular road to Some distant location that’s about 20 days away.

The guy said Oh boy, this route is not too short! I understand a shortcut which is quite safe and you’ll arrive in 5 days

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The guy started to follow the course proposed until he remembered the first bit of guidance. Subsequently, he followed the long route and returned. Days after, he discovered that an ambush was resulted in by the shortcut.

Where he could rest a couple of days after, he found a little shack in a hamlet. He asked the owner if he could remain for only one night.
During the night, he woke up as he heard a horrific scream. He visited the door to check what occurred and rose to his feet. When he recalled the second bit of guidance he was about to open the door. So, he went back to bed and dismissed the screams.

At daybreak, after having his breakfast, he was asked by the owner that nighttime if he’d not heard the screams. He affirmed that he did.
Subsequently, the host said, Were you not interested to see what occurred?
And he answered, No! I wasn’t!

Subsequently the host replied again, you might be the first voyager who leave this village living and remained. My neighbor is totally insane. He generally yells at nighttime to call someones focus. When the guest comes out, they are killed by him and buries their bodies.
The guy continued his long journey, ready to arrive shortly. After nights and many days of walking, he was really weary, but he eventually saw his house.

It was nighttime. He could see the shape of his wife and saw light coming right out of the window. But he saw that she had not been alone. He saw that there was a guy with her and came closer. She was gently caressing his hair.

His heart was instantly full of resentment and hate. He determined he would face and kill them. Nevertheless, he took a deep breath and he recalled the third bit of guidance.

He determined to sleep outside that night, reflected, and ceased. He slept in the midst of the bushes, decided that the following day he would make a decision.

By morning, when he was more composed. The guy said to himself, I am going to not kill her lover and my wife. I request him to take me back and am going back to my manager. But before I do, I’d like to tell my wife that I’ve ever been loyal to her.

He knocked and went to the front door. When the door opened and understood him, she embraced him and wept. He attempted to push her away, but he was unable to.

Subsequently, with tears in his eyes he told her, I was not unfaithful to you personally and you betrayed me!

She was shocked with that accusation How did I betray you, so she answered? I’ve never betrayed you. I waited for twenty years for you.

He then inquired about the guy yesterday which you were caressing?

And she said, That guy is our son! I found I was pregnant, when you left. He’s twenty years of age now.
Hearing that, the guy asked for her forgiveness. He embraced his son and met. After that he told them all the storylines which he experienced while he was away. His wife prepared the last bread given by her husbands employer and java.

After a prayer of thanksgiving, he broke the bread. He found all his money interior when he looked at it. The truth is, there was even more as opposed to appropriate payment for his twenty years of commitment and challenging work!