23 Science Facts That Are Actually Just Myths

It seems like once a science myth catches on it has the whole world believing it is actually a fact.

So many science misconceptions and false facts have been passed down through the years that we all just accept they are the truth.

From counting to 5 and quickly picking up the food you’ve just dropped on the floor, to being told carrots will help you see in the dark, there are so many science myths integrated into our daily lives.

Well it’s time to find out which facts you’ve been believing all your life which are just total myths!

Thanks to Business Insider, we can now try and rectify all these ‘facts’ and finally understand the truths…;

1. The 5 Second Food Rule


We’ve all grew up knowing the 5 second rule – you drop your breakfast on the floor but as long as you pick it up in 5 seconds it’s perfectly fine to eat right? Sadly it’s just a myth as bacteria contaminates food within a millisecond! The safety actually depends how clean the surface is that you drop it on.

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