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A film about robots which aren’t out to terminate, police the roads, or be Chappie

A movie about robots that aren

Intelligent science fiction films are few and far between nowadays, if you will let me get through to my soapbox that is nerd. It seems sensible from a company standpoint: the effects are not cheap so it is tempting to turn something into an action hit and put it out midsummer. That is why it is so refreshing to see a film like Ex Machina.

If your technology firm manager is a reclusive billionaire, would he really be a chill bro?

If your tech company boss is a reclusive billionaire, would he actually be a chill bro?

Caleb, a programmer (played by Harry Potter’s Bill Weasley) working at a fictional combo of Google and Facebook called Bluebook, wins the opportunity to meet the firm’s reclusive CEO. He is taken to some strange glass building at the center of nowhere, where he meets Nathan, the bro-iest imitation CEO living. How rich is he? They eat sushi for every meal. Mercury poisoning apart, Nathan loves working and pounding beers out, so things looks rather chill initially. Subsequently, Nathan gets Caleb sign an NDA, and he goes to meet Ava.

An uncommon interview

An unusual interview

That is when the things get even more unusual for Caleb. He meets with a robot AI. Nathan says he needs to see if she can be talked to by Caleb, as well as understanding that she is a machine socialize and honor her consciousness like that of a person. Ava and Caleb have an excellent back and forth, as they size up each other. Newcomer Alicia Vikander is awesome, and plays Ava with a fervent but subtle fascination that is a sight to behold.

That face when your buddy has a lot of questions about your robot

That face when your friend has too many questions about your robot

Caleb is pumped about the opportunity at first, and Nathan relishes the chance to talk to an admirer. The whole film is these three, isolated from communicating and all society, which adds to the growing uneasiness as the film goes on.

Things begin to fall apart, like a smashed vase on the ground with no Roomba to clean it

Things start to fall apart, like a shattered vase on the floor with no Roomba to clean it

Things begin to get complicated without spoiling it for you. Caleb can not speak to the external world. Arbitrary power outages happen, which activate lockdowns. During among them, when their dialogue ca n’t be monitored by Nathan, Ava tells Nathan to not be trusted by him. What’re the goals of Nathan? What does Ava need and will Caleb manage everything? Does all that sushi make him ill?

The film unfolds masterfully, slowly ratcheting up the tension and getting you question motivations and wondering what happens next. I’ve to say, there was not a single explosion, no robots transformed or fought with sea monsters, and the entire time was amused.

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