Lucky Blue Smith Is The Hottest Male Model Taking Over Instagram

Social media ace Lucky Blue Smith and model was invited on the Ellen DeGeneres show. At only 16, the Utah native is the most popular male model on Instagram, with more than 985,000 followers.

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The youthful model definitely has an unique and dramatic appearance; one that sets him apart in the bunch, with piercing blue eyes, tan skin, and shocking white/blond hair.

With piercing blue eyes, tan skin, and shocking white/blonde hair, the young model certainly has a unique and striking look; one that sets him apart from the crowd.

The truth is, his entire family is quite blessed. He Pyper America Smith, and sisters, Daisy Clementine Smith, Starlie Cheyenne Smith are in a group called The Atomics. Pyper and Daisy are additionally versions.

In fact, his whole family is quite genetically blessed. He and sisters, <a href="" data-hovercard="/ajax/hovercard/user.php?id=100000057795699&amp;extragetparams=%7B%22directed_target_id%22%3A0%7D" target="_blank">Daisy Clementine Smith</a>, <a href="" data-hovercard="/ajax/hovercard/user.php?id=1615336692&amp;extragetparams=%7B%22directed_target_id%22%3A0%7D" target="_blank">Starlie Cheyenne Smith</a>, <a href="" data-hovercard="/ajax/hovercard/user.php?id=100004260285934&amp;extragetparams=%7B%22directed_target_id%22%3A0%7D" aria-owns="js_5k" aria-haspopup="true" aria-describedby="js_5l" id="js_5m" target="_blank">Pyper America Smith</a> are in a band together called <a href="" data-gt=

Unlike most male models, Lucky keeps his supporters notified of when and where he will be so they are able to meet with him. It has helped him develop the adoring and most devoted devotees, all of whom the youthful star is really appreciative.

Unlike most male models, Lucky keeps his fans informed of when and where he

His devotees enjoy, post, opinion and repost about him, earning him a top position on Instagram for male models. His Instagram betrothal with devotees is unlike another male models’.

Smith is nearly 6’3″ and has already been featured in mega trend magazines like Vogue

Smith is almost 6

His ability does not cease at music and modeling. The 16 year old budding trend star is an up and coming performer.

Behind the scenes for the film @loveeverlastingmovie I am starring in! Teaser video coming shortly!

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Whether you follow him Smith will please the eye with upgrades, uploads, and his posts.

Everyone go take a look at my Facebook page that is official and follow! Thanks Facebook for helping me out!

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