First-Time Lottery Player Wins $90 Million Jackpot


What would someone with $90 million dollars do with all that cash? According to first-time lottery player Lisa Quam, and victor, she buying herself a Subaru and will be leaving her job.


They picked up two Powerball tickets, putting them on the fridge until it was time to assess the numbers, while her and husband Thanksgiving shopping. I shouted Get up here! They believed I was upset and upset she said in a statement. My daughter asked, Is this an emergency? and I said, Yes!’

Her husband and Quam haven’t yet determined to take the number in an one time lump sum or receive the cash in payments. If paid out a lump sum, they might receive, and estimated $56.8 million.

Other strategies for the now-millionaires contain making repairs to their own house, paying off student loans and purchasing a home for his or her kids.