15 of the Oddest Celebrity Couples of All Time

Love instead, is the most wonderful thing on earth or can be. But, Id be lying if I didnt say that it could get extremely strange, extremely quick. Consider for example believed would be in a relationship. And, while true love doesnt decide at no face, age, standing, etc, its a tiny bit different for stars. In the end, can you imagine Zac Efron and a tomboy dating? Or someone as tall as Shaquille dating a girl thats just shorter or five feet tall? Its difficult to picture any of those two and occurring, but they do occur. This list will show you will, that such an anomaly can and has occurred innumerable times before.

1. Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko


First things first, the couple is beautiful. No, they re the lovely couple, more then when you take a close look. But, what makes them unusual is the difference in height. Remember, Hayden is just five feet tall, the Ukranian combatant, her future husband, is six foot six! Thats about a foot and a half in height of difference! Wow. Wow that is only.

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