12-Year-Old Collects Thousands of Coats for the Homeless


12-year old Makenna Breading-Goodrich is showing the world that youre never too young to have societal conscience. In a play to help the displaced individuals in her community, shes spent the previous three winters giving away thousands of jackets and gathering. She calls her initiative Makennas Coats for a Cause.

Everything began when a TV show was saw by Makenna about the adversities faced by the homeless during the chilly wintertime. Greatly affected by their circumstances, she came up with an option that is simple to go around her area, asking individuals to give jackets and all the coats they could spare. All she had to do was gather the jackets, find a means to propagate the word, and get them to the less lucky. Luckily, her parents were really encouraging and willing to help anyway they could.

She said, I believe I can actually make a move to help, Makennas mom Jennifer remembered. Any parent would take a look at their 9-year old daughter with pride and tell her theyd be thrilled to help her in any manner.

So 2013 , in October, fliers were designed by Makenna and asked her parents to print them out. She put up about 50 fliers near Phoenix, around her hometown of Surprise, and went door to door, telling folks shed return to gather any the jackets theyd be willing to part with.

Initially, her age and activities surprised neighbors, but there was an outpouring of support, Jennifer said. Who doesnt have a jacket inside their cabinet theyre willing to give up? It was a straightforward option that enabled everyone to get involved without leaving their house.


It was eventually time to begin accumulating two weeks after she began propagating the word. Makenna ended up with about 200 jackets that she afterwards gave to the Phoenix Rescue Mission, and set out with her small red Radio Flyer wagon around town. And shes continued the tradition each year since, accumulating a whopping 872 in 2015 and 500 jackets in 2014. She received 300 other things of warm clothes at the same time, including blankets, gloves, hats, sweatshirts, and undergarments.

Makenna doesnt restrict herself to helping the homeless just during winter months. Every springtime, she holds a water drive through an organisation called St. Vincent De Paul. She also volunteers at a nearby nonprofit called The Clothes Store that gathers clothing that were donated. As an associate of the youth city council, she helps other children her age and the homeless within their community join.


Among the girls in Makennas softball team was so inspired that she began her own initiative that is small, gathering bibles. And Makennas six-year old brother intends to follow in her footsteps overly in 2013 he needs to hold a back pack drive.

Not only is she making a difference for the displaced herself, but shes also revealing all these young girls they can set an optimistic footprint on the world too, Jennifer said, proudly, adding that she and her husband Sheldon have consistently stressed for their kids the need for offering. Well, seems like their efforts have paid


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